Accommodation & Tickets

Accommodation and conference will be at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center. Due to limited availability of financial assistance funds, only those who are mostly in need will be provided financial assistance to attend the Conference.

If participants need help with the reservation with Hilton Hotel please contact; Gizem Mumcu

Participants who will not be provided financial assistance due to the limited financial availability may book their own room from the Conference Venue from the link below. The conference hotel has a limited number of rooms available. Please make your reservations as soon as possible if you would like to stay in the conference hotel.

Hılton Istanbul Bomontı Hotel & Conference Center

Hilton hotel prices are as follows;
Hilton Bomonti. Hotel
SNG Room: 135 Euro
Double room: 150 Euro
Sea view room SNG: 195 Euro

If you would like to book a different hotel then the Conference Venue, please kindly choose nearby “Şişli” neighborhood as a location in European Side of İstanbul. Participants who will not stay in the conference venue, are responsible for their own daily transportation to come to the conference.

There will be a free shuttle service available for all participants from the airports to the hotel and from hotel to the airports depending on the travel information provided by the participants.

For any matter about accommodation, tickets and transportation, you can contact Project Assistant, Gizem Mumcu,